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Roundtables and events

16th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, 28th-31st May – 2018, Troia (Lisbon) Portugal
Cardiac Health Europe Roundtable, 19th June 2018, Brussels
Border & Security Roundtable, 20th June 2018, Brussels
Breast Cancer Europe Roundtable, 27th June 2018, Brussels
Alzheimer’s Europe Roundtable, 25th September 2018, Brussels
5G Infrastructures Roundtable, 25th September 2018, Brussels
Kidney Cancer Europe Roundtable, 26th September 2018, Brussels
Smart Cities Europe Roundtable, 9th October 2018, Brussels
Lung Cancer Europe Roundtable, 6th November 2018, Brussels
Rare Diseases Europe Roundtable, 7th November 2018, Brussels
17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, December 2018