Theresa May confirms to exit as PM on June 7
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After the UK Parliament rejected her Brexit plans for the third time, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to step down as leader of the Conservative Party.
She announced her departure after talks with Graham …

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By Janos Friss, Sales Director, Jura Group

Digital identity is a potential tool for countries to eliminate the inefficiencies and insecurities of paper-based identity systems.

Jura Group is a well-known supplier of security features for travel-document personalisation. The technology is based on a patent licensed exclusively by Jura Trade Ltd. (US Patent and Trademark Office # number 6’104’812. European Patent #: EP 1 048 168 B1.)

Photo-document security in the 21st century requires biometric features. The photo (portrait, facial image) of the document holder is no doubt the number one biometric feature in these documents.

Though the facial image is the number one biometric of the document holder, it is not protected sufficiently. As per ICAO the photo substitution is the main threat to security of travel documents. ICAO strongly recommends to include embedded (hidden) images on the data page, to be detected by suitable devices. The best solution is to incorporate personal information in the photo.

Jura offers different unique graphical security features for document-issuing authorities to protect the photo, including overt and covert features:

• IPI is a Level 3 feature for primary inspections using a dedicated tool
and/or document reader

• LetterScreen++ is an advanced multi-level feature. It is machine verifiable, 
but ideal also for authentication without any tool, at anytime and anywhere.

Security Benefits of IPI

• IPI eliminates photo-substitution.

• Verification is simple and does not require any special 
knowledge or experience.

• Verification process with lens does not require any electric equipment;

Encoding the IPI-inserted photograph: 

The IPI software module receives the original photograph and the personal data. The module encodes the data into the image while preparing the data for printing. The encoding is fully automatic, it takes two seconds. It is implemented as a Windows® DLL, so it can be easily integrated into any personalisation system.

IPI can be adapted to all major technologies

• Ink-jet printers

• Dye-sublimation and re-transfer printers

• Digital printing machines

• Laser-engraving machines

Security Benefits of LetterScreen++

It provides automatic, fast, primary verification within seconds.

It is composed of personalized microtext.

Each LetterScreen++ image is created along a unique wave structure, arranged by a special algorithm based on personal data.

The verification Software analyzes LetterScreen++ by a full-page passport reader. The software regenerates the unique personal data structure and matches it with the structure of the scanned LetterScreen++ image. If they match: a green light shows that the document is authentic. The red light shows that the LetterScreen++ image has been forged or manipulated.

LetterScreen++ Key Features

• Protects personal data from alteration.

• Authenticates the travel documents at border control.

• Is visible to the naked eye, and ideal for automatic verification by full-page 

• Is suitable also for automated border clearance, it can create a link between 
the holder and the existing database records.

• Protects also the bio-data, such as the holder’s portrait, resulting in increased 
confidence that these key elements have not been altered after issuance.

• Links documents to holders/bearers.

• Is globally interoperable.

• Is a machine verifiable security feature that the issuing authorities may use for their own purposes in travel document authentication.

• Is a visible image on the data page (eventually on an observation page).

• Might provide authentication also if advanced document database contains the same format data as MRZ on the passport.

• Is based on mathematical algorithms that secure digital 
photos and detects the tampering of digital media.

• Improves border control officers’ visual confirmation.

Jura personalization features act in the complex security concept of the document. In order to maximize protection the Jura features should be combined with other analog and electronic features.

• IPI and LetterScreen++ can be printed with UV ink to protect the document against copying. Hidden features can be verified with the normal decoding lens and UV light together.

• IPI is against data manipulation and can be combined with ICI® – an offset printed constant feature – against copying and can be checked with a similar simple device