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‘We will say that Heroes Fight like the Greeks’

Submitted by on 19 Mar 2015 – 12:48

Syriza’s victory returns sovereignty to the Greek people and represents an opportunity to realise democratic change across Europe writes Manolis GlezosSyriza MEP and WWII anti-Nazi hero.

Manolis Glezos (Photograph: Eurokinissi)

Manolis Glezos MEP
(Photograph: Eurokinissi)

 The Greek election result signals the beginning of a new era for the whole Europe. It is the catalyst for political evolution, not just in Greece but in the whole world.

The victory of SYRIZA, despite all the attempts to terrorize the Greek people, to slander and to defame them, as well as the unethical interference by the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, is proof that the Greek people have decided to take their future in their own hands. SYRIZA is not just a political force but a representation of the political conscience of the Greek people.

The victory of Syriza means that sovereignty will be returned to the Greek people, alongside national independence, the abolition of austerity measures and the elimination of unemployment, hunger and wretchedness in Greece.

The Greek people have no need of externally administered loans, because they know very well, and have lived through what Menandros said in the 4th century B.C.: «τα δάνεια δούλους τους ανθρώπους ποιεί» (loans turn people into slaves). This phrase was repeated four centuries later by Plutarch in the expression: «το δανείζεσθαι της εσχάτης παραφροσύνης και μαλακίας εστίν» (getting a loan is an act of the utmost madness). Using its own agricultural resources, renewable energy and the mineral wealth of the country, Greece will be able to produce goods and growth through the efforts of its working citizens.

We do not wish to exit the Eurozone and the European Union. On the contrary, we wish to pave the way for a different Europe. Rejecting the Europe of NATO, which is bound behind the chariot of the US with Germany as its principal governor, we wish to create a Europe of equal Member States, a Europe for its citizens, recognising popular sovereignty, enabling progress and peace and supporting fundamental human rights and democratic values.

Those who conspire in the background and attempt to marginalise Greece within Europe will eventually face greater losses than those they have been anticipating.

Given this chance, I would like to remind the people of Europe that after the epic resistance of 1940-1941, Winston Churchill declared,,“From now on we will say that heroes fight like the Greeks”.

In truth, he was forewarning everyone that the Greeks never betrayed neither their history nor their culture.


Manolis Glezos, May 2012 (Photograph: X-andra)

Manolis Glezos, May 2012
(Photograph: X-andra)

Manolis Glezos MEP is a member of Syriza and sits with the Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left. He participated in the Greek WWII resistance and spent over 11 years in prison under successive fascist dictatorships for his political views.